Stop to smell the roses instead of Instagramming them (Is that even a verb? 🤔)

I would like to say there was no post last Monday because it was Memorial Day and we were off hehe. But the truth is I just had a really amazing, lovely day, and I forgot to post.


In the age of digital media, sometimes it is hard to forget to just live. Forget to post a photo of your meal more often. Just WATCH the concert instead of seeing it through the screen you’re recording it through. We are so consumed by thinking about how others view our actions that we miss out on a lot of enjoyment from just being in the moment.


But in regards to consistent blog posting I want to talk about this quote I heard recently:


“Consistency is hard when no one is clapping for you. You must clap for yourself during those times, you should always be your biggest fan.” 


I know that not many people read my blog. I don’t make money from it. But it forces me to be creative and learn to articulate my thoughts in an organized manner. Sometimes I get the post up at 9am that Monday. Other times I am slamming publish at 11:59pm. Of course all of the positive reinforcement is helpful and much appreciated. But when I don’t have someone over my shoulder making sure I get my work done, it is up to me to do it anyway. My yoga class is exhausting and the studio is very far away from me. But I have never finished a class thinking “Wow, I really wish I hadn’t gone to yoga.” So I drag my sleepy self there anyway.


Do what you need to do for YOUR satisfaction, not to pretend to have a perfectly aesthetic life. Sometimes this means not posting and just enjoying your work, yoga class, and time with friends.


Have a good week!


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