DIY The Row- The Ascot Bag For Not $1,000

I saw this super cute bag on Pinterest and realized it retails for about $1,000. I couldn’t believe it because my first thought was- “Oh cute, it’s a square scarf with knots, I can do that.” I tried to look up a tutorial to see if anyone else tried to recreate it but surprisingly came up without anything. I hope you enjoy my tutorial for this quick and easy bag! You could even use a large square scarf instead of cutting out a piece of cloth. Fun project if you are stuck indoors looking for an easy DIY!

Large square scarf or cloth
Sewing machine/ serger and thread

1. Cut out a square
2. Finish off edges
3. Tuck in thread
4. Steam out wrinkles (okay this should have been first….)
5. Fold and knot bag


Actual #1- Steam your cloth here, but I was using a scrap piece of fabric I bought that was already cut into a square. But if I was cutting out the cloth myself I would steam it before cutting.

1. Cut out a square of your desired size. The small satin bag was 26″ x 26″ and the large cotton bag was 36″ x 36.” Or you can skip straight to the folding in step 5 if you are using a scarf.

2. Finish off the edges with a serger or a sewing machine. I used a Brother Serger 1034D with 3 threads to finish off the edges of my cloth. It goes super quickly. I bought it from amazon when they had a sale. You could also use a straight stitch on the sewing machine. I would fold and tuck in the raw edge so that it wasn’t showing.  You can iron the fold, or use a rolled hem presser foot.

3. The threads that are hanging off of the corners need to be tucked in. Because the serger threads are twisted around each other, I try to untie them so it is a thinner bunch of thread getting tucked in.

4. I steamed out my wrinkles after I made the edges, however I would recommend steaming before cutting.

5. The folding process! It’s easier than it looks- just folding the corners to the center several times. This is required so that the handles aren’t bulky.


Happy folding!

Somehow I got mine on a flash sale for $80 on Amazon…

Rolled hem presser foot- tucks the raw edge in while you’re running the cloth through the sewing machine

Sew Green, a cloth store in Ithaca:

One of my favorite cloth stores in NYC:





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