Airplane Snacks

After waking up at 6am for my flight, not eating breakfast, and “randomly” getting selected for a scan and pat down, all I wanted was a snack. Only a yummy snack can soothe the battered soul that goes through airport security. Airports are really stepping it up with all of the food options, but they can cost a pretty penny so I like to take some food with me. These are some of my favorite in-flight snacks. Alternatively, you can cave and buy some Twizzlers and eat those instead. Not that that happened…


  • gomacro protein bar in cashew caramel
  • roasted salted cashews
  •  dried rhubarb
  • dried strawberries
  • chocolate covered almonds
  • mini Justin’s Peanutbutter cups
  • various ginger honey candies


…. and twizzlers. It was the thought that counts right?


This is not a sponsored post.

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