How to eat coconut yogurt for not $11 a container

It took a few times to like it, but coconut yogurt really grew on me. This was fine at first because it was so expensive, but then I just couldn’t justify the price of the favorite brand of coconut yogurt. So I took to the Internet to figure out how to make my own. It only takes two ingredients and some patience!

– Can of full fat coconut milk
– Scoop (few tablespoons) of plain Greek yogurt or other plain non-dairy yogurt of choice.

1. Sterilize

I boil water and rinse out my glass jar and plastic spatula. I let the water sit for a little bit then drain, and let the glass and spatula cool.


2. Mix

I pour the can of coconutmilk into the glass and mix out the lumps. Adding less of the liquid part of the can results in thicker yogurt. I use the whole container though. Stir in a good scoop of the yogurt.



3. Cover

Add a piece of cheese cloth over the top so there is airflow but the container is covered.


4. Rest in a warm place.

I’ll briefly heat my oven to a low setting and warm up the jar a few times (being sure not to cook it). Let it sit at least 12-24 hours.


5. Cool in the fridge.

I let my yogurt cool overnight another 8-12 hours.

6. Enjoy!

My yogurt on a banana flax pancake and chia jam.


Note 1: I tried making it with both kinds of “starters” (dairy and non-dairy) and the scoop of Greek yogurt works better. Experiment to figure out how what works for you!

Note 2: I do not use an extra thickener in my yogurt, using high quality full fat coconut milk gives me the consistency I like. There are recipes that call for thickening agents if you like the consistency thicker.

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