How to be a Phoenix.

When you feel completely broken there are two options- burn down or rise beautifully.


What is self care?

This buzz word has been tossed around recently, usually to justify purchasing an expensive bath bomb. While little luxuries can lift the mood, we shouldn’t forget that at the root of it, self care is just that- caring for the self.


Sometimes self care is simply eating. As a non-eater in times of high stress, taking a sip of water may be that first step forward. Then comes smoothies, then comes a mountain of food once the shock has worn away and you realize you are super hungry.

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Sometimes self care is sleeping. Thoughts may haunt you, and don’t allow you to sleep, or have you get up every hour to check your phone. Sometimes self care means telling yourself when you wake up mid night- “No, I will not check it. I will not let it interrupt my sleep.”

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Sometimes self care is surrounding yourself with friends. The people that love you unconditionally and make you laugh through thick and thin are a big part of why this life is so beautiful. Always be grateful for good friends.


Sometimes self care is doing nothing. Letting yourself just feel what you need to feel. Clear the day. Take responsibility for what you need to do, but if you can, take a break from your work. Cancel that appointment or class. There is no point of doing it right now if you will be distracted. Quietness may be the remedy you need.


Sometimes self care is doing something for the body. Often we begin to neglect our physical selves in times of emotional distress. Nope, I have a body that needs me. And it is a good temporary distraction. Hair mask, check. Face mask, yep. Manicure yes please. And when I feel strong enough, back to yoga.


Sometimes self care is talking to yourself… a lot. Reassessing priorities, or simply telling yourself everything will be okay. Looking inward is important. Are you happy with what you have done? Do you know that you did the best you could? Find peace in that.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”
-Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

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