How to recover from overeating

We’ve all been there. As we are celebrating the last bit of summer, a barbecue here or there may throw you off of your normal diet. Here are my tips on feeling better after eating waaaay too much.

(The best pizza ever! Porcini mushroom pizza from Serafina Fabulous Pizza. Yes it is fabulous, and you’re not allowed to share with me. No, this is not sponsored by pizza. Only in my dreams.)

Right after….

I’ve been lucky enough to feel sick from overeating but in the moment I sure don’t feel grateful. All I can think of is how I can’t eat one more bite. *eats the last bite of cake.* If you can, change into something loose (or subtly undo that top button). The less restricted you are, the more comfortable you and your GI tract will feel. And try to stay upright. Lying down will put pressure on the stomach and may push up stomach acid causing heartburn.

What not to do when in a food coma:

Relax and accept it.

Did you just enjoy that meal? Great. Feeling stuffed? Not so great. But the food was yummy enough to overeat, so you might as well enjoy the experience. It can’t be undone. Just be mindful next time.

Don’t skip a meal to make up for it.

If you truly don’t feel like eating, don’t eat. We constructed the concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner anyway. But starving yourself due to guilt will backfire and probably end up to more overeating. Simply have smaller portions. Bulk up meals with veggies and fruits, and drink lots of water.

Digestive teas

Teas such as peppermint or ginger tea may help soothe an overworked tummy. A warm tea may also be a good alternative to a snack/ light meal if you are really feeling too full to even consider eating the next meal.

Go for a walk

Walking can aid digestion and help reduce body fat. However, do not try to overcompensate with an unusually intense work out, you may injure yourself.

(Maybe don’t break out into a sprint right away…)

Ask yourself why?

Why did you overeat? Were you at a party, or did you experience emotional stress? The party foods that make you never want to see food again (even though you looooved everything you just ate) may be an occasional indulgence. However, if you turn to food as an unhealthy coping mechanism, it may be time to address an underlying problem.

Overeating may be caused by regularly restricting a certain food, then binging on it.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to find my favorite snack (found in select Asian specialty stores), so I absolutely overeat it when I find it!

Moral of the story, food is meant to be enjoyed. Try not to make overeating a habit, but forgive yourself if you do.

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