Minimalist Packing for Québec Trip

Written on Trip Day 2

Of course the day before I leave for Canada, sunbathers are out in Central Park enjoying the 80 degree weather. But I cannot complain about the chilly 38 degree weather here, after all, a trip is a trip! These are all of the items that I took with me on a four day trip.

The packing list:IMG_2123.JPG

I always make a packing list, either hand written or on my phone. This helps to ensure that I won’t forget anything (“anything” usually meaning my toothbrush). Plus crossing things off lists is very satisfying.


The travel outfit:IMG_2047.JPG

I have spent enough years overpacking for trips, and have learned what I use and what I don’t. Because it is in the mid 40s to low 50s where I am staying, pants and layers are a must. On the plane, I am wearing thermal pants, a thin wool turtle neck and the jewelry I will be taking. A hair clip is a must for me. I am also wearing a light wool jacket and scarf.

The clothes:


The house I am staying in has a washing machine, so that helped me pack light.

All together I am taking:

  • 1 pair of thermal pants
  • 1 nice/ thin pair of pants 
  • T-shirts
  • 1 thin wool turtleneck
  • 1 thin sweater and sweatpants for lounging/ sleeping
  • 1 thick wool sweater
  • underwear for everyday, because you just never know
  • 3 pairs of socks, and 2 bras.
  • sneakers
  • light walking shoes 

Final assessment: I didn’t need the thinner pair of pants or second bra.

The extras:


Besides clothes, these are my other necessities.

  • Passport and wallet
  • iPod, headphone, and charger
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Lip balm, hand cream, and coconut oil to make sure I stay moisturized
  • Small perfume, mints, and a dish for my watch and jewelry 
  • Sunglasses and gloves

Final assessment: I ended up not actually taking the instant camera, or the hat, but I used everything else shown.

The art supplies:


I have started a travel journal, and I am bringing supplies to be able to add to it.

The forgotten bits:


Despite having a packing list, there are always a few items that you are thankful to remember last minute.

  • Hand sanitizer is a must
  • A comb is very, very necessary for me
  • Somehow, someone always needs tissues
  • Extra plastic bags and a ziplock bag
  • A hair tie to keep my hair in a braid when I sleep
  • Pocket hand warmers are just awesome. Not necessary, but amazing when you’re walking around outside all day.

The fun part:

Fitting it all in a carry on.


Sorry for the dark photo, but everything fits!

I put my sneakers, clothes, toiletries and makeup, and brush into my carry on. I used a small Herschel duffle bag. All my other bits and bobs went into my backpack. I forgot to take a photo of that but just imagine anything that is not in the photo above, in a large gray backpack.

Stay tuned for how I packed my toiletries!



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