Travel Journal- Québec

Scrapbooking- always a fun idea, but never done.

For years I have wanted to scrapbook memories from trips, only to collect ticket stubs and have them sit in a box untouched. On a recent trip to Prague, I met a lovely couple from Wisconsin, in a beer museum. Sitting in the dark cellar, we sampled beers and I had the honor to sign Danny’s travel journal. He is a newspaper writer, and told us that everyday he writes or adds something to his journal. It was an incredible log of all of the places he has been to around the world. As much as I want to be someone that journals everyday, I just never seem to make it more than two days. As a compromise, and with the strength of inspiration from Danny’s journal, I have decided to try to keep a travel journal. Below are photos of my journal pages from Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Québec.





The supplies:


  • The journal– I chose a book that wasn’t too large, and that has a soft cover so it is flexible. This was important when I was buying it because I knew I wanted to add in a lot of papers.
  • Washi tape- good for simultaneously taping and decorating, but not so permanent.
  • Double sided tape– good for taping in things that you definitely don’t want to move. For example, I tended to tape down the background map with the double sided tape, and the tickets etc. with washi tape.
  • pens, white- out, etc.- I tend not to write much beyond the date and the location.


Let me know if you have tried to keep a travel journal!

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