Québec City in 2.5 Days

I sit here in the airport, eating my maple covered pecans, reviewing my short but sweet trip to Québec City with my family.

Day 1-  Wednesday, 4.12.17

I started with my usual airport meal- a Jamba Juice smoothie and a tomato twist. All seemed to be going well until I was randomly chosen for a more thorough security check. But it was surprisingly fast, and the flight was quicker than expected. We celebrated the start of the vacation at Chocolats Favoris.  They had a huge selection of chocolate sauces to top their ice-cream with. I got biscuits and cream ice cream topped with sea salt dark chocolate. I couldn’t leave Canada without taking a photo with milk in a bag! Dinner at La Bûche was incredible. We tried a sampler of venison tartar, rabbit, smoked salmon, and a croquette. And who would have thought to put maple syrup on chicharron…


Day 2- Thursday, 4.13.17

We filled ourselves up with fresh croissants and pastries, then headed off to the Aquarium du Québec. There were gorgeous jelly fish, and huge variety of other salt water and freshwater marine life. I was very excited to pet some stingrays. They were so soft and cute! After walking around for hours, we rapidly devoured our meals at Cochon Dingue. Two thumbs up for the lobster roll. The salmon tartar and tuna taco were good, but I was not a fan of the barbecue sauce used on the poutine.


Day 3- Friday, 4.14.17

We walked all around old Québec, finally ending up in the Marché du Vieux-Port,  where we got groceries for dinner. We passed by a French LUSH on the way and had to go in. Nice to know they smell the same in different countries. After having lunch in the market, we walked back home. I found some cool wall art, but my pose with a baguette got blocked by a car that had to park in front of me even though the rest of the street was empty… While the Funiculaire was tempting (a lift that brings you straight up to the top of the hill), we walked and I was rewarded with salted-caramel-almond-kettle popcorn half-way up. And then I was told I can become anything I wanted, so I became a flower. Finished up the day with an amazing spread of fresh cheeses, pâtés, smoked salmon, tomatoes, pears, a quiche, and lasagna. May or may not have gone back to Chocolats Favoris for more ice cream.

Day 4- Saturday, 4.15.17

Still sitting in the airport because my flight has been delayed twice. Moved onto the maple fudge… not complaining.

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