Make Your Life Easier With Packing Cubes

Two words- packing cubes. Or “garment cases” according to MUJI, which sounds nicer I suppose. I daresay that no other product has made traveling easier for me. Packing cubes are thin, very light, flexible organizers for your clothes and undergarments when you travel. MUJI sells them in three sizes, small, medium and large, with a two-layer option for the medium and large sizes. Not only do they help organize your clothes, but packing everything into a suitcase is a breeze.

I have two medium cubes and one small cube. I tend to group garment-types together into one side of a cube. For example, I will put my shirts into one zippered section of the medium cube, and pants into the other side. I use the small cube on longer trips for socks and underwear. You can either return a worn item to its respective spot in the cube, or slowly shift all of the worn items to one side of the cube to keep them separated from your clean clothes. No longer do you need to rummage through your entire suitcase, unfolding every single item, looking for your polka dot shorts which will without a doubt be on the bottom. You will know exactly where it is in the cube.

On a nine day trip to Europe during winter, my two medium cubes and one small cube fit my clothes perfectly. However, I was wearing most of my outer layers like sweaters and jackets every day, so I did not need to pack much. On a recent four day trip to Québec, I fit all of my clothes and undergarments into one medium cube.

Below is a link to MUJI’s website, but I recommend going to a store to look at the sizes in person:

Happy packing!


cube 1.JPG

cube 2.jpg

This is not a sponsored post. 

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