NYC Street Fair

Ah, street fairs. A sure indicator that warmer weather in New York City has arrived. Unfortunately, there was rain this past Saturday, but that didn’t stop me from getting a Mozzarepa! One of my fondest childhood memories is struggling to eat corn on the cob, and holding a cup of lemonade simultaneously. There is something exciting and different about walking in the street, looking at myriad of things to buy. Surprisingly, I had will-power and resisted buying a pair of brightly patterned pants. They would have been perfect for summer. So light! So pretty! No, really. I didn’t need them. I can’t think of a top that it would match. But elephants! And an elastic waist. Nope, didn’t need them. Definitely wanted them though…


Trying to learn to not be camera shy…                                                                                         PC: @fortheirsisariddlenomanswisdom

Chinese board games, a compass, and decorative stone carvings for sale.

Figurines and jewelry for sale.

Jewelry and clothes for sale from Tibet.

Nothing draws a crowd like a “$1 Thai Food” sign! My fair favorites are a Mozzarepa (best if shared, they’re kind of heavy on the stomach), corn on the cob, and Thai food.

Here is a link to a schedule for Manhattan street fairs:—street-festivals-in-manhattan-nyc-cms-387



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