Study Apps


As I approach the end of my senior year of college, I have accumulated (and deleted) many study apps. These are a few of my favorites that have stood the test of time.

Price: $1.99 on iPhone, Free on android 
Stay off your phone and plant trees! It’s that simple. Sort of. Set a timer, and with accumulated “coins” that correspond to time spent off of your device, either redeem a new type of tree icon or donate a tree to be planted through Trees For The Future. If you exit from the app (incoming calls excluded) the tree will die. It is quite satisfying to see a little forest of productivity.

I used to use the app “Focus Time” which can help you categorize your study sessions.  Meaning, you will be able to record what you are spending your time working on. For example, reading, writing, studying, etcetera. Since I don’t mind not knowing the categorical breakdown of my study time,  I would prefer that my studying helps to plant trees.

When I study for a few hours at a time, I typically set a 25 minute timer and focus for the full session, then take a 5 minute break. After a few of these rounds I take a longer break. I find that it helps me to be efficient and not get fatigued.
Price: $4.99 iPhone, free on android. With focus time-$7.99
Track your goals! Writing them down will help them manifest. Set reminders and track your progress. Currently I have a blog writing reminder, and I am tracking how many times I do yoga each week.
Price: $9.99, not on android
My favorite app for working with PDFs. Easily allows you to highlight, add text, and add voice notes. Perfect if you are reading a lot of PDFs and you want to highlight them, but do not want to have to carry papers.
Price: free for iPhone/ android. Photo option is $19.99/yr
For creating digital flashcards, text only. Easy to use, and easy to share sets of flashcards. Helpful for language learning as you can listen to pronunciation if you set a language. You can view the flash cards, or quiz yourself several different ways.
Price: free on computer/andriod app, $24.99 on iphone. Worth every penny. 
Next-level quizlet. It is a complex program for making digital flashcards. I am able to make photo flashcards. Great for biology, chemistry, anatomy and more, but has a steep learning curve. Once I got used to the program it was great. I find that if I don’t use it for awhile I need to watch YouTube tutorials for a refresher.



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