“If you didn’t post it on Instagram did it really happen?” aka Where I have been.

It’s 2018. Yeah, it has been awhile. I think I left off washing my hair.

Although I have been quiet digitally, I have been living my life to the fullest, offline. I have finished my undergraduate degree. I continue to enjoy working as a personal chef. I started selling my handmade tango skirts and jewelry, and I am looking forward to the future as plan the next phase of my life. This year was filled with transitions, and here are some of the important lessons I learned:

  • Don’t give up on something before you even try. I didn’t know that I could sew two months ago. But I saw a skirt and thought, “I can make that.” My first skirt was decent enough on the outside. The inside is a mess though. Red pen and two different color threads. So bad that I picked it up out of a pile of cloth recently and thought, “Ew what the heck is thi- OH THAT’S MY FIRST SKIRT.” The second skirt I made using the same pattern looks like a different person made it. I learn so much with every piece, which makes the process enjoyable. Thank you YouTube. If I didn’t believe that I could sew well eventually, or if my first piece discouraged me, I wouldn’t be watching my designs twirl on the dance floor now.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. While I generally try to be my own best cheerleader, doubt always finds a way to creep in. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people that encourage me to do my best. My decision to sell my skirts really solidified after an hour- long conversation with two friends at a milonga (social event for Argentine tango). These two women practically yelled at me (lovingly) that I could absolutely do it. Nothing is as satisfying as watching my skirts flow around these beautiful women, besides perhaps, their feedback that the skirts make them amazing. Warm fuzzies all over.
  • It’s okay to be the dumbest. As much as I would like to do everything myself, sometimes taking a step back to realize that you can’t be an expert in everything is crucial for your project. My iphone photos cannot compare to those of a professional photographer. My graphic skills are good, but not as good as those of a professional logo designer. Accepting that others may have talents beyond yours in a certain subject is both humbling and amazing for your project.
  • You’re never too good to stop learning. There is nearly nothing you do that you cannot improve upon. No matter how good you think you are, the best teachers are the best because they never stop being students.
  • “I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.” Edna Mode was onto something. You can’t change the past. Your future is not guaranteed. You only have control over your current mindset and actions.
  • When you fully accept yourself you will find happiness. I love myself. This is my body, my home. It is strong and capable (in most scenarios excluding opening heavy doors). But I need to learn to be kinder when I talk to myself sometimes. I am learning to say “Scar on my foot, you may be ugly, but look how far we have come right ankle. I couldn’t stand on you and now we are back, and stronger than ever.” Instead of “Ugh, my foot is so ugly now.”
  • I live each day intentionally trying to make the most of it. An hourly planner really helps with that. But my happiness largely stems from knowing that I tried my best, even if I don’t have anything to show for it. I strive to leave the world a little happier and kinder than it was yesterday.
  • A puppy snoring on your lap, running and wagging his tail in his dream, will absolutely melt your heart.


Some habits and resolutions I have made for this year:

  •  Continue to reduce physical belongings.
  • Maintain a clean digital space (deleting, not ignoring retail emails…).
  • Stretch/ workout every morning. Nothing crazy, at least 5-15 min to get my day started.
  • Talk to myself like I talk to my best friend. No more discouraging self talk, and more finding the silver lining/ lesson.
  • Do at least 5 minutes of language learning a day. This usually ends up being a quick vocabulary session on my phone during my commute.
  • Get back to blogging!!!


What I accomplished in the first week of 2018:

  • Finally parted with garbage bags full of things I didn’t need.
  • Generated several bags of items to donate.
  • Got rid of a twin bed, a wardrobe, a large armchair and a cabinet. Exchanged them for a full bed with storage, and a small table. I feel so much calmer without the clutter around me.
  • Cleared my computer of unnecessary files. Still working on clearing up my phone…
  • Actually stretched every single morning like I planned.
  • Enjoyed the company of friends and family.


Some highlights of the last few months:


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