How to simplify your morning routine

I will never be the blogger who wakes up early enough to enjoy a cup of tea near a window in a fluffy robe. As an avid tango dancer, most of my “mornings” start after noon. However, on the days I do need to quickly rise and act like a person with a normal sleep/ work schedule I utilize the following methods:

1. Pack everything the night before.

I prepare absolutely everything the night before. I never want to run around late because packing took longer than I thought. This means that:

a. My work bag is prepared with everything I will need during the day.
b. My clothes are picked out and stacked in the order I put them on. Sounds a little crazy, but why not make life easier? You’re probably already leaving your shirt on top of your pants anyways.
c. My makeup is out and ready.
d. My lunch is packed.

2. Prepare your food the night before. Or even earlier.

Meal prepping ahead or just preparing your food the night before you need it helps eliminate guesswork. Your healthy breakfast and lunch are packed so there are no excuses for making bad food choices later in the day.

3. Keep your make up simple. Or don’t wear makeup, even better.

My daytime makeup takes less than 5 minutes. I don’t want to waste anymore of my time than that. I lay out my products in the order they will be used, the night before. I place them back into my makeup case as I apply them. This method maintains a decluttered environment during the day and a quick routine when I wake up. Clear brow gel. Mascara. Eyeliner. Tinted lip balm. Probably more brow gel because my brows have a mind of their own.

4. Maintain your skin.

Even though having an established skincare routine may seem daunting and time consuming, it is worth the trouble. Diet is also a huge factor in skin health. Having clear and bright skin contributes to my confidence in stepping out “barefaced.” There is nothing worse than suffocating your skin in chemicals. Plus applying foundation takes forever. No thanks.

5. Multitask.

I say this with caution. Multitasking often results in poor outcomes, but putting on a kettle for tea while you stretch (or brush your teeth) is fine in my book.

6. Elegant high quality jewelry and a good watch.

I eliminate the guesswork of accessories by always keeping on delicate pieces of gold jewelry. I pay for high quality jewelry (within reason and often when sale items are on sale…) so I’m not afraid of rusting or decoloration from contact with water. I bought one simple, elegant watch that I wear everyday with every outfit. Of course I shake up the jewelry when I have time, but keeping the guesswork out of it eliminates time spent in the morning.

7. Shower the night before.

I’m a “no street clothes near my bed” kind of person so showering before I get into bed is natural for me. This eliminates one step in the morning.

8. Stretch.

Yes, this does add time to your routine. But you’ll feel so much better after! All I ask is that you spend just 2 minutes stretching out your stiff body. You were just relatively still for hours. Get those toes moving.

Bonus points:
9. Wear a silk hair scarf.

For the long-haired ladies out there, brushing and styling hair can take up a huge chunk of your morning routine. I maintain knot free, frizz free hair by wearing a silk hair cap to sleep. Sexy I know. But many nights I’m too lazy or simply don’t want something on my head, so I opt to sweep my hair into a braid and sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cheating for the win.


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