How to regrow kitchen scraps so you can afford to live in New York City. Because anything helps.

New York City isn’t the most compost friendly place. While more and more programs are popping up, it is hard to store extra plant garbage when there is barely room for a separate recycling bin in a tiny apartment. Instead of throwing out all kitchen scraps, or even composting them, why not try regrowing them? Even if you don’t eat them it is fun to watch them grow!

Some common veggies to regrow in water include:
-romaine lettuce (maybe hold off on this one for now?)
-bok choy
-pineapple (houseplant)
-avocado pit (houseplant)

There are many more if you search online but these seems to be the easiest.

Just place them in a bowl with a bit of water. Place the bowl somewhere that gets good sunlight and change out the water a couple of times each week. After a few days, you will notice roots beginning to appear, and new leaves. At this point you can transplant your plant to soil.

I have had success regrowing romaine lettuce, celery, and bok choy. I just grow them in water. The romaine is actually edible, while the celery and bok choy are fun to watch grow. My carrot tops failed. Also I just replanted an avocado plant! Under pressure one day I named him Jerry, when someone asked. I am so proud when he grows a new tier of leaves ^_^

Happy growing!

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