Another accidental hiatus

After a string of mysteriously dramatic posts, just like that the weeks have gone by. I haven’t forgotten to post (I’m still collecting photos for a healthy food swaps post coming soon!) but rather I have been busy “getting my life together” and posts have simply fallen to the wayside. Instead of saying I don’t have time to write, I would rather say that it hasn’t been my priority. If it something is important enough, you will make time…

I have been prioritizing other activities that make me happy. Writing, taking the photos, and editing the posts often take hours (I agonize over each word usually) so here is what I have been doing instead:

More yoga

The quiet hour to focus on my body is much appreciated. Lately I’ve made regaining my flexibility a priority and no longer treat it as a nice activity but rather a necessity. I feel that this shift in mentality makes me more accountable to myself if I consider not going. I am making an active choice to prioritize my body’s wellbeing.

Well, no photos of me doing yoga… here is a pretty outdoor pic. Taking advantage of the beautiful parks in NYC is another way I’m spending my summer.


Less stuff

A big part of mental clarity is affected by our physical environment. I have tried to embrace minimalism and have been getting rid of anything that does not bring me joy, or have a purpose. No more multiples (plants are my exception….). Less clutter means a clearer mind for me. But I am not living in a black and white space with a singular chair either.

However, I saw this chair in a cafe and thought it was quite interesting. 


More food variety

It’s easy to get stuck in a food rut. We like what we like and we make what we are used to making. Our supermarkets seem to have no seasons. Lately I’ve tried to take advantage of amazing summer foods. Allowed myself the occasional treat. Can’t be perfect all the time….


Less instagram

I am a visual person and I used to spend more time looking for project inspiration on instagram. Lately I have scrolled and posted less. I don’t feel like I am missing anything but I do like to promote my blog through my posts so I suppose I’m a bit behind there. But also enjoying life without feeling the need to share.


More organizing

Each phase of your life requires a different approach to organization. Now that I am working it is up to me to find motivation and schedule my activities appropriately. I maintain a simple bullet journal to keep track of my life. Siiiimple. No lists or complicated doodles. Just a monthly overview, weekly overviews broken down by hour, and a habit tracker where I track how much sleep I get, my weight (often linked to my health), my spending habits in different categories, if I go to yoga, practice Spanish, and practice typing properly (a new skill I am trying to acquire).

Also, as I have reduced my belongings I have been rearranging my apartment into a neater, less visually cluttered space.

Me dramatically cleaning my parlor…


Less stress.

I didn’t say no stress. I am detail oriented and normally pretty stressed about everything. But lately I have been trying not to worry about things that really don’t matter. The MTA gives me ample opportunity to continuously try to find my zen.



Packing for a beautiful trip so stay tuned! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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