How to cope with extreme stress

How I deal with a change of plans (totally not based on a recent event).

1. Cry

Yep. If that’s your first response I’m here to tell you it’s okay. I’m an emotional crier. Even a happy gum commercial (ahem Trident) will put me in tears. So naturally when I am frustrated this is my first response. I have always wished I wasn’t like this but I’ve come to accept it. I just need to get it out to be able to think rationally.

2. Go hug your pet. Or a human.

Even sitting in silence with someone that cares about you can be comforting. And how can you be sad with something so happy and fluffy in your arms?

3. Drink a glass of water or tea

You’ve just stressed your body out and lost some water. A glass of water never hurts to keep those biological processes running smoothly.

4. Rest

Acute stress is taxing on the body. If you can, take a moment to rest and recollect. Maybe the tears are done at this point. Take a moment to refocus and concentrate on breathing.

4 1/2. Skincare

I look so puffy and parched after crying. I like to take a minute to do a lymphatic drainage massage with my facial oils to rehydrate my sad skin. It helps to depuff.

5. Do a simple task that doesn’t require much focus.

You may want to jump into making a decision about what to do right that second. Don’t worry, your subconscious brain is on it. Give yourself a little time to calm down and you may find that an answer may come to you when you’re not actively thinking about it.

6. Get any pressing work done

Okay, so you’re officially over the initial trauma. Great! Proceed as normal and get back to work and finish what needs to be done right now.

7. Finish up any pressing work and do something to decompress. Or write a blog post about it…

My yoga class isn’t scheduled until 9pm tonight and my stress was from this morning. In the meantime this blog post is helping me to stay sane. Writing, journaling, yoga, or dance are all great ways to relieve stress. Or why not get some holiday baking done?

8. Channel that negativity into something positive.

Unless someone died, there will be a solution to your problem. Use this newfound energy to decide if you’ll turn around from the road block or find another way forward. Maybe this sudden change gives you new ideas!

9. Speaking of death… let’s practice gratitude.

Your feelings are valid. Your negativity is valid. But it is a good habit is to try to find the positivity in a situation. You’re more than capable of coming up with a solution. So address the issue, understand why you are sad, then take a step back and look at the big picture. There is always something to be thankful for.

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