Little Sister

How tango has blessed me with the big brothers I never had.

I am a big sister to one little sister. All of my cousins on my father’s side, and seven of the ten cousins on my mother’s side are female. I was raised with three of my cousins, as my father and uncle work together, so I’ve always been in a house full of women. My parents refer to our puppy Max as my “little brother.” But as far as human brothers go… well I’m lucky to have some very close guy friends. 

The relationships that men and women have in tango are quite different. Since the dance partnership usually consists of one man and one woman, as a follower I could theoretically spend a night only talking to the men. Cultivating meaningful relationships with women in tango is a whole other topic. Because of this dynamic I have many male friends. Starting tango at such a young age has already set me up for being vastly younger than my peers. Over time, I am happy to have close relationships with some of the men, romantic relationships aside. They make me laugh when my heart feels heavier than my body. Have seen my tears spill over coffee. Concerned when I feel too tiny, they know I’m not eating enough. Make me question the simple act of walking. Make me fly. They encourage my dreams, offer their advice. Tease me. Have threatened boys on my behalf. Know when I just need a hug.

So thank you to all of the smart, kind, fascinating, and caring men that tango has brought into my life. 

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