Adjusting Your Dancing For Different Surfaces

One of the best things about dance is that you can do it almost anywhere. However, there are some surfaces and shoes that are better than others. Here are some things you can do to help adjust to the surface you are dancing on!

Baby Powder
With my injury, I can tell if a floor is sticky in about two seconds. Baby powder helps to make an artificially slippery surface so that pivoting isn’t painful. I tend to carry around a mini bottle of the stuff in my dance bag. 

Shoe socks
An easy solution to turn any shoes into dance shoes. You can purchase shoe socks or go the DIY route. Just cut off the end of an old sock so that the tube is big enough to cover the ball of your foot. Slip it over your shoe, and voila! Slippery dancing shoes. 

Shoe brush for suede bottoms
If your suede bottom shoes are having you slip and slide everywhere, look into getting a metal shoe brush. A few swipes from the brush will help fluff up the flattened suede, giving you more texture, and therefore more grip.

Limiting pivoting
If I am dancing on a sticky surface and cannot make any adjustments, I try to step onto my foot instead of pivoting. It is really helpful for the leaders to be aware of this. Dancing on concrete outdoors is the perfect example of a surface where adjustments are very hard to make. 

Not dancing
The saddest option. However, I have learned the hard way that a night of pushing through a bad surface is just not worth it. If there is really nothing to be done, I just chat with my friends and enjoy a relaxed night. 

In short:
-baby powder
-shoe brush for suede bottoms
-shoe socks
-limiting pivoting
-not dancing 😦

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