New York tango dancers invade Philly!

Last Friday night I decided to go to Philadelphia the next day. Very spontaneous for me… *pats self on back.* That meant booking a last minute bus ticket, no return ticket, and packing lots of snacks.

Keep reading for what I packed and what we did!

This is what I packed for 24 hours:

(This was simply round 1 of food packing…)

After the two hour bus ride Kim and I headed to New Wave Cafe for a Polish dinner. I had steamed green beans, beets, and mashed potatoes. The raspberry hibiscus tea was my highlight, but the more traditional dishes got thumbs up. After eating we headed to the venue for a class taught by Adam and Ciko, and then Milonga Qilombo hosted by Meredith Klien.

DJ Kim It was so fun! Glad we came out in force.

The next day….

Sunday morning I had the cutest morning ever with two beautiful bunnies.

I made some new friends.

We had breakfast at Fishtown diner. I later regretted this because the food was *okay* and I was too full to eat at the Reading Terminal Market, which is a famous food hall.

Our first stop after eating at the diner was the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. We had perfect timing- the entrance happened to be free. There were pieces by Rina Banerjee woven throughout the permanent paintings and sculptures. The contrast of her modern work against the traditional oil paintings and marble sculptures was striking.Her little red riding hood was ready to fight the wolf.We has some top secret business to discuss…Banerjee places her indigenous throne way up above the oil paintings.

Reading Terminal Market


See you soon Philly!

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