How To Take Care Of Your Dance Shoes

My tango shoes really take a beating. Maintaining your shoes will increase their longevity and save you money over time. Plus you wont have to break in a new pair so often (which hurts your feet and your wallet). Here are some tips to keep your shoes in good condition whether you wear heels or flat shoes. 

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Keep your shoes in a bag

Usually the shoes will come in a dust bag. I always use this bag to house and transport my shoes. 

Clean them periodically 

Even though you’re not wearing your shoes outside, they still may get a little dusty and dirty. A damp napkin (on surfaces that can take moisture like heels, NOT SUEDE) will help clean up any dirt. 

Heel cap

If you want to go the extra mile you can get plastic covers for your dance shoe heels although I have always been too lazy to do this…

Get shoes re-heeled

In the past I have worn through the straps of my shoes faster that the heels needed to be replaced. I have almost worn down the entire inside of the plastic part of my heels so it is time to get them replaced. This will save you from purchasing a whole new shoe if the rest of the shoe is still fine. 


Brushing the bottom for suede shoes

If you have suede bottom shoes (as opposed to leather) you should periodically brush out the bottoms. This is done with a metal shoe brush. After a while, the suede will get flattened down, and become very slippery as dirt and dust compact into the surface. 

Air them out

While dancing is beautiful, sweaty feet aren’t. Make sure that you air out your shoes before sticking them straight into a bag and closing it up to get musty. If you have to rush home, be sure to let them breathe for a bit before putting them back into the dust bag. 

Only use them on dance surfaces 

As pretty as they are, dance shoes are not meant to be worn outside. Please do not use your tango shoes on a surface that they are not meant to be worn on. 

Travel Hack: The only time I cheat this rule is if I am on a ship and I know I can walk on carpet the entire time. This hack means I only need to bring one pair of heels with me, so I can practice in them, as well as use them in the evening. 

In short:
-Keep your shoes in a bag

-Clean them periodically
-Heel cap
Get shoes re-heeled
-Brush the bottom of suede shoes
-Air them out
-Only use them on dance surfaces

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