What I learned from 100 hot yoga classes

#1 You discover pores that you didn’t even know you had.

This is wisdom in no particular order that I have gained from willingly torturing myself. Does it feel like everything is on fire while you become a water puddle? Yes. Is my skin glowing like a unicorn walking on a field of wild flowers? Double yes. Case closed.

Oops I mean that one hour of meditating has really helped my wellbeing.

Me trying to act like I’m not dying after my 100th class…

2. You will never want to drag yourself to the other side of Manhattan, but you’ll always be thankful you did.

3. You still won’t breathe the way your teacher wants you to breathe.

4. Forget stocks, the extra $40 a month to not have to drag 3 towels and a mat around nyc is the best investment ever.

5. If the flow is too fast, don’t be afraid to adjust to your needs. Go at a pace that is safe and comfortable for your body.

6. You don’t have to go to an “extreme” of a position to benefit from it.

7. Alignment > intensity of the position

8. It’s not a 1 hour class. 45 minutes to get there, 15 minutes to get ready, the 60-90 minute class, 15 minutes to stretch what I didn’t stretch in class, shower and post shower care. 3 hours later…

9. Post shower is prime time for skincare. Your pores are at peak clean. Mask. You never have time for this, but you do think about it a lot…

10. Oh don’t forget to pack body lotion for the 79th time.

11. Men are gross. Go stand next to a woman. (Don’t hate me but my non scientific study has revealed that men on average stink way more than women in hot yoga.)

12. You’ll sleep like a rock and possibly for more than 10 hours if you do multiple classes.

13. The one hour of stretching is never long enough.

14. The first thing you should do after is wash your hands. So many people have used all of the equipment you were just touching.

15. Don’t even think about eating within an hour of a hot yoga class if you don’t want to feel ill.

16. Don’t run in sub freezing temps for two blocks then go into a studio that is 90 degrees hotter. You will get sick. Not that day, but in two. And then you’ll sleep for about 31/36 hours, tossing and turning with a fever. You’ll get over it but wonder how you can dance for hours straight yet be so out of shape.

17. Do thank your body for all of the amazing things it can do.

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