How to pack for a tango marathon- Ann Arbor edition

This may or may not be a well disguised packing list from a marathon noob….


Let’s start with the most important category.

TIP: Pack extra snacks for a marathon. If you’re a crazy dancer you may be prioritizing dancing over sitting down to eat. Having some dried fruit and a granola bar or two may save you.

TIP: Invest in reusable ziplock bags! And don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle.

Dried Fruit
Mixed Nuts

Miscellaneous/ very important 

TIP: I keep all of the random important bits in a small pouch that way I feel like the chaos is contained.

Phone: duh.
Wallet: pack your ID for the flight! And you know, in general it’s good to have.
Keys: Don’t loose em.
Lip balm
Foot roller: My feet will go through a lot over the next few days.
Shoe Powder: In case the floor is sticky 


TIP: Wear your largest pieces so you don’t need to pack them. I wore a large skirt on top of my leggings.

2 skirts
3 tops
sports bra
workout shorts


I am wearing waterproof black boots to travel/ walk 

Tango heels: Major fail if I forget these

TIP: Bring two different shaped pairs of shoes. I have two different pairs of the same style, in nude/ gold. I only packed one pair, but after hours and hours of dancing the straps were cutting into my feet. This hurt more than my foot exhaustion.

TIP: Pack a looot of bandaids. They will make a barrier between the strap and your foot. Preferably I would have had something thicker like moleskin or medical tape to tape up my feet and prevent rubbing.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

TIP: Try to wash your hair the day you are leaving. I found that there wasn’t really a good time to wash my hip length hair while staying with 6 other people.

toothbrush: Quip. My sister got it for me for Hanukah. Was it a hint? Thanks sis. I like it, but it is not life changing. I’m not electric toothbrush-fancy but it does have a built in timer, which is always helpful.
toothpaste:  Tom’s Flouride-free in Peppermint. I didn’t like the taste when I first starting using it but now I really hate using anything else.
face cleanser: Evan Healy rose cleanser. Very gentle on sensitive skin
Rose water: Evan Healy rose geranium hydrosoul.
face oil: Evan Healy Argan oil with sandalwood
lotion: Evan Healy rose vetiver lotion.
natural shampoo/ soap bar: Chagrin valley ayurvedic shampoo bar. I use mine as soap too, shhhhh. I wash my hair every 4 days so washing my hair right before I leave on my flight should take me through the  ~3 days I’ll be gone.
Comb: Helps for general detangling.
Mason Pearson hair brush: I’m ridiculous because this takes up like 10% of my bag space. But my hair brush does make a visible difference in frizz and shine. 


TIP: When traveling, try to bring simple versatile pieces that can be worn with every outfit. OR you can be like me and pack a bunch of crazy hair accessories. Do whatever makes you happy.

TIP: Don’t want something crushed? Wear it on the plane. I got a few compliments on my hair flowers!

I am pretty “jewelry loyal” which is a term I just made up. I don’t really change out my pieces until they have worn out. I try not to buy costume jewelry anymore. I do like to change out my hair pieces though.

I am wearing: gold threader earrings, a gold stud, two thin gold necklaces (Satya and Dogeared) and a snake bracelet (Avigale Adam)

Crown: everyone packs a crown right

Make up 

FullSizeRender 3

TIP: I try not to buy makeup if I can help it. Since I shop through Sephora for skincare, I accumulate points to use on samples. I try to replace my makeup with these travel sized samples so I don’t have to carry full sized makeup when I travel.

clear eyebrow gel: I could have no other makeup on and feel put together with my brows in place
gel eyeliner: my go-to is the Lancome art eyeliner. I think i have repurchased this 5-6 times by now. This is hands down the best gel eyeliner. I have tested many and always come back to this.
mascara: Hourglass. Have used better drugstore mascaras, but this was a sample.
eyeshadow: I have one “look” so i just need 2 colors- lighter than my eyelid and darker than my eyelid.
lipstick: I prefer to wear lip balm. I haaaate dry lips when I am dancing, and this way I don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on my leader’s shirt accidentally. But I’m a fancy lady so ill pick a “my lips but better” neutral shade.
concealer: Dior. Helpful if I have a pimple

Some photos!

PC: Ellen Marie:

Searching for dinner with the Ann Arbor flatmates 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Can’t show up to brunch empty handed… I made fancy oatmeal!Ready for class with Matthew at Teahaus!Gotta be prepared.Pretty? No. Effective? Yes.PC:Stella HaoFirst thing I did when I got home was ice my poor feet… The more bandaids the better the time?

Till next time Ann Arbor!

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