What I Learned From My First Hip Hop Class In 10 Years.

*Also my second hip hop class ever.

  1. Being able to count to 8 got me pretty far thank goodness.

Wow, talk about being out of my comfort zone. I decided to expand my movement horizons by taking a beginner hip hop class at Broadway Dance Center this past Sunday. First of all it was supposed to be “basic” hip hop class and somehow it was beginner level. Which was pretty advanced for me in my current state. Here are the things that I learned from this humbling experience….

2. I have nearly no upper body isolation abilities.

3. I generally feel pretty coordinated but this was all so foreign. I forgot what it feels like to be almost lost in a dance class.

4. I lack what one would call “swag” so not I cannot put said “swag” on that movement.

5. Wow this is actually a great workout.

6. I have no idea how anyone could wear layers. I mean, they look cool but I was so hot it in the crowded class wearing a sports bra and loose pants….

7. I forgot how fun learning short choreo is.

8. My knees are not a fan. I should have brought sneakers instead of my jazz shoes but I was wearing waterproof boots.

9. Teacher appreciation moment- Q was so so funny and the flow of the class was great! I highly recommend him.

10. Thank goodness for the girls at the front absolutely killing it so I’m not totally lost. Absolute inspiration.

10/10 would go again.


What happens when Cliff Bars are on sale and I’m running from Hip Hop to hot yoga to tango:


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