Invest In Rest: Free Self-Care For Your Best Self

I am often in a sprint. Late nights dancing, and early mornings cooking result in a sleeping pattern that ranges from 3-12 hours. Between work, dance, hot yoga, and an inconsistent schedule that has me running around the city all day, I have been exhausted lately. Not to mention writing for this blog (which I enjoy but takes time) and working on building a business. I have taken the last few days to take a rest and be okay with “doing nothing.”

A little bit of this “nothing” is occasionally necessary. In excess it leads to laziness, but rest should not be overlooked. It is not selfish to spend time on yourself. It allows you recenter your mind and body, so that you may function at your highest level.


These are the things I have been indulging in for the last few days:


Eating what I want
I eat a “clean” diet most of the time. It is something I prioritize, and something that has become a habit for me. In times that I am more relaxed, I try to “relax” my diet as well. Sweet potato fries? Yes please.


I love love love to bake. But lately I have been cooking just to sustain myself. So I made some blueberry muffins just for me. I may or may not have eaten all of these right out of the oven…

They are mini sized!

I never nap. I often can’t fall asleep until 2 minutes before my alarm goes off then I am panicking about wasting time. Yesterday after work and yoga I was going to get my nails done and then do some meal prep before going to a tango class, followed by a practica. Instead, I got home, walked my dog and promptly took a nap.

And of course just sleeping more at night…

Quality Puppy Time.

Since I’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve been spending more time with Max. Longer walks, naps together, more sitting on the couch with him sleeping on my lap, scrolling on my phone. Sometimes he runs in his dreams. It is too precious.

Honestly he just pretends to like me so he can eat some of my food…


Benefit of not using Netflix for a month+? Your shows are on the next season. I binged a whole season of the Medici in one day.

Less yoga

Then a long session. I gave myself a 3 day break from yoga, instead opting for light stretching at home. My studio is about 45 minutes from me, and since my clients were near me I did not want to travel all the way downtown just for yoga. Friday I got back into the swing of things with a Yang Yin, then Hot Yin class.

Hawaii… Not NYC for sure…

I am in constant battle with my laundry. On a given day I will probably be rotating through 3-4 outfits. I bring a change of clothing for each cooking client I have because the smells clings. Then hot yoga, followed by dance. My laundry piles up fast and I try to wash everything ASAP but it doesn’t always happen.


Some more ideas for free (or almost free) activities that you can do to refresh your body and mind.

Go for a walk.

Moving your body can boost your mood and increase your energy. Even just a few minutes will have a positive impact. If you work at a desk be sure to get up and walk around through out the day. Bonus points if the walk is in nature/ a park.

Just breathe.

Between bad posture and generally being out of tune with our bodies, conscious breathing may be forgotten. Take a few moments to close your eyes and take several controlled breaths in and out.

This is an important point one of my yoga teachers made:

“Make your inhale as strong and as important as your exhale”

Follow a Youtube routine for yoga or a workout.

If you don’t have the time to get to a gym or yoga studio, there are thousands of hours of free tutorials on YouTube to follow along to.

Apps that add, not distract

There are many free apps that can assist in meditation or workouts and stretching. Calm and Headspace are two well known mediation apps.

Take a bath.

I live in an nyc apartment so this doesn’t really happen but bath bombs seem nice…

Make a warm drink.

My morning matcha is my meditation. Find peace in the time it takes to make your tea.

Put down the phone.

Taking some time to disconnect and to simply give your eyes a break is much needed when our phones have basically become an extension of our brain.


A cluttered environment often leads to a cluttered mind and feelings of anxiety. Watch the Marie Kondo series on Netflix if you need some inspiration.

Go to bed earlier. Wake up later.

Do you really need to answer that one last email? Chances are if you are pushing yourself to work at night and you’re exhausted it won’t be your best work. Sleep now and work on t when you’re fresh in the morning. Personally I am very productive at night so no 5am wake up and lemon water for me. I try to sleep later to make sure I’m sleeping enough.

I hope this reminds you to take a breather if you need it.

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