Tips for Staying Hydrated So You Can Keep Dancing (Minus a cliff jump)

Water makes up around 60-75 per cent of your body weight, and is involved in nearly every part of your body’s functioning. Maintaining proper hydration is so important on and off the dance floor, but it’s not always fun. Here are my tips for a happy hydrated body!

Drink up- Don’t Ignore A Dry Mouth!

We have all heard of the 8 glasses of water a day rule. But if you are working out you will need more than that! While dancing, (and possibly drinking wine which is technically a diuretic) it may be easy to forget this simple step. Take sips in between tandas! Bonus points for bringing a reusable water bottle.  

Drink Water Before Meals

Dehydration can frequently be confused for hunger. Try drinking a glass of water or warm tea before reaching for food.

Only at brunch can you get away with tea, coffee, and champagne at the same time…

Attach a Water Filter to Your Sink

I find that water pitchers with filters are always empty when I want water (totally my fault). Then I have to wait until the water drips through, and by that time I’m not even thirsty anymore. Attaching a water filter (though more expensive) means that your water quality is much improved as they tend to be more effective than the pitcher filters, and you won’t have to wait to drink as much water as you want!

Eat Hydrating Foods

Incorporating fruits and vegetables that have high water content will help you get an extra dose of water with all of the benefits of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Alternatively, smoothies are another great option!

Take it easy with the caffeine and booze.

Not all liquids are created equal. Alcohol and caffeine act as dehydrators.  They are diuretics, which inhibit the hormone needed for the absorption of water into the blood. This stops the kidneys absorbing the water, and so it leaves the body as urine.

What is your skin saying?

The heaters are cranking out a ton of dry heat into your apartment. Make sure you are using a humidifier to put some moisture back into the air. Don’t skimp on skincare, and make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your body as well.

Check out my article below if you need some tips to start a skincare routine:

Tea Or Flavored Water

In the winter I pretty much drink tea exclusively. Teas are a wonderful way to hydrate with added antioxidants. In the summer I like to make hibiscus tea, chill it, and then add lime juice. Alternatively I like to make cucumber water but my allowing slices of cucumber to sit in filtered water for at least an hour. Sometimes I’ll add a sprig of rosemary. Frozen berries also make for quick yummy ice cubes. In the winter I am usually slipping on ginger tea. I just pour boiling water over grated ginger. I don’t mind the particles, plus most sink to the bottom anyway. If I’m feeling fancy I will add some lemon juice and honey.

Dried hibiscus ready for boiling water:

Carry A Large Thermos Or Water Bottle. Or Carry A Tiny One.

Since I am walking around the city I opt for a mini water bottle. And by mini I mean “it looked larger in the photo online” mini. However, if you sit at a desk it may be helpful to have a larger container so you don’t have to keep getting up and can sip away. Do what is most effective for your life.

Have a Morning Ritual Drink

For me, this is a cup of matcha. My body is parched after a long night, and it gets an easy hit of antioxidants along with the much needed hydration! Try incorporating a special drink every morning, and you’re sure to look forward to your first glass of water a day.

Check The Color Of Your Urine

Fun. In all seriousness, what comes out of your body can tell you a lot about your health. Checking the color of your urine can help you determine your body’s hydration levels- pale yellow means that your body is hydrated, while dark yellow means that your body is dehydrated. Every morning I start off the day with a cup of warm matcha to hydrate my body and start the day with a hit of antioxidants.


I couldn’t end with the urine one…

There is an app for everything- even making sure you drink enough water. My sister showed me the Plant Nanny app. When she drinks water and checks it off in the app, her virtual happy flower is watered too. Just type in “water tracker” and you’ll find a slew of options!

Happy Hydrating!

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