Tango Marathon Essentials

Although I am still a marathon noob, these are the things that would have been good to have the first two trips, or things that I definitely didn’t want to forget!

1. A full night of sleep.

I made the mistake of getting 2.5 hours of sleep before my last marathon. Early mornings the next week killed me.

2. 2 different styles of shoes

This one isn’t going to happen for me this time… but ideally I would have two pairs in different styles so the straps of my shoes aren’t putting pressure over the same exact spots of my foot. Right now I have the same style in 2 colors.

3. Bandaids/ tape

Almost every toe was wrapped by the end of my last marathon. Instead of juggling 50 bandaids, thick tape is super helpful.

4. Powder

My injured ankle is particularly sensitive to damp floors. I use powder to help reduce the friction. I used to muscle through it but now I would choose not to dance so I don’t cause further damage.

5. Foot rollers

After hours in heels my feet need a little help relaxing. These foot rollers help me work out tense muscles.

6. Massage salve.

This one from Mary’s Nutritionals has CBD but honestly I’m not sure if it’s doing anything. The cooling sensation feels nice though. I massage my ankles and feet, then slip on some fluffy socks.

7. Eye mask

Great to have if I want to sleep while I’m traveling, and because I am not sure if the curtains will block out all the light. Since we are probably sleeping in the hours between 4-11am that could be a lot of light pouring in.

8. Reusable mug

This should go for all milongas so we stop with the plastic waste. Don’t forget to bring a heat resistant cup for tea and coffee!

9. More gum than you think you’ll need

Can’t be too prepared. Plus it might make you some new friends.

10. Fan

Tried and true… you’ll be glad you have one.

11. Perfume, lip balm, toothbrush etc.

Don’t forget the things that will make you feel refreshed!

12. Fashion tape

Ladies, you’ll be happy you packed it.

Okay, back to packing for me!

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