Packing For A Tango Marathon- Buffalo Edition

Still a marathon noob. Here are my new tips and tricks for surviving a dancing packed weekend. For my first round of tips check out Packing For A Tango Marathon-Ann Arbor Edition. This article will add to the previously mentioned tips.


My food bag was as big as my suitcase…

TIP: Be aware that the venue may not have food you can eat if you have allergies! I made sure to make a tub of hummus, and pack a bunch of veggies and soup. If I want to feel good I need to eat food that makes my body happy.

Miscellaneous/ Very Important / Feet Things

TIP: I keep all of the random important bits in a small pouch that way I feel like the chaos is contained.

Phone: duh.
Keys: Don’t loose em.
Fan: You’ll get hot and be happy you have it
Lip balm: BITE Beauty makes an amazing balm!
Clothes tape: Has prevented quite a few fashion mishaps.
Thermos: Green tea and a brick of smoked Gouda kept me alive this weekend.
Eye mask: You may take a nap sitting up in the car

Foot rollers: My feet will go through a lot over the next few days.
Shoe Powder: In case the floor is sticky.
Massage salve: For my poor tired feet.



TIP: Pack more outfits than you think you’ll need. You may have a food baby and rethink the tight dress you wanted to wear… Or a dress may get caught in a zipper and rip. You never know. Can’t hurt to be prepared.

6 dresses

Not featured:
Extra Long Sleeved Shirts
Necessary Undergarments


TIP: I tried to pack pieces that would match multiple outfits.


I wore waterproof black boots to travel.

Tango heels: Of course. 

TIP: Bring two different shaped pairs of shoes. I have two different pairs of the same style, in nude/ gold. I only packed one pair, but after hours and hours of dancing the straps were cutting into my feet. This hurt more than my foot exhaustion.

TIP: Buy blister tape- it’s more cushiony than medical tape and less of a pain to deal with than a bunch of bandaids. You can find it in the medical section of your pharmacy near the bandaids.


TIP: Keep it simple, don’t pack the face mask. You’ll be too tired to use it.

TIP: Learn to style day 2 and day 3 hair. I wash my hair the morning I leave so that way I can avoid the pain of washing and drying my long hair while traveling. I may enjoy my hair down the first day, but it will soon get braided back.

face cleanser: Evan Healy rose cleanser. Very gentle on sensitive skin.
rose water:
Evan Healy rose geranium hydrosoul.
face oil: 
Evan Healy Pomegranate Repair Oil
 Evan Healy rose vetiver lotion.
Quip. My sister got it for me for Hanukah. Was it a hint? Thanks sis. I like it, but it is not life changing. I’m not electric toothbrush-fancy but it does have a built in timer, which is always helpful.
toothpaste:  Tom’s Flouride-free in Peppermint. I didn’t like the taste when I first starting using it but now I really hate using anything else.

Make up 


TIP: Future Dagny– Forget the highlighter and powder, you’re not going to use it.

Makeup remover: oil and water based

clear eyebrow gel: I could have no other makeup on and feel put together with my brows in place.
gel eyeliner: My go-to is the Lancome art eyeliner. I think I have repurchased this 7 times by now. This is hands down the best gel eyeliner. I have tested many and always come back to this.
eyeshadow: I have one “look” so i just need 2 colors- lighter than my eyelid and darker than my eyelid.
lipstick: I prefer to wear lip balm. I haaaate dry lips when I am dancing, and this way I don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on my leader’s shirt accidentally. But I’m a fancy lady so I’ll pick a “my lips but better” neutral shade.
concealer: Dior. Helpful if I have a pimple


Outside of the venue

Storms didn’t stop us getting here!

Thanks for always lifting me up Anh!

Big thank you to my lovely follower Tara! Don’t let the smile fool you I was panicking on the inside….



Gotta take care of the feet! Between-milonga icing to reduce swelling. 

My tea believes in me!

All of this dancing gets a bit tiring…


All smiles during this beautiful weekend! Big thank you to Steven Thull and Vaino Treksler for the amazing photos!

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