Los Peores Del Tango

Sometimes you’re so “bad” you’re good.

I had the honor to listen to the singer of this band, Stratos Achlatis, sing with Orquesta Típica Loca this last weekend during the Loca Tango Marathon. If you do not dance Argentine tango, you may be surprised to know that most of the music we dance to was recorded from the turn of the century to the 1950s. My good friend Stratos, and his band mates are trying to keep the tradition of tango music alive and record an album! I hope that you will consider helping out with this amazing project.

Band’s story

We are Los Peores del Tango, a tango trio with vocals based in NYC consisting of Maurizio Najt (Piano), Javier Sánchez (Bandoneón), Pablo Lanouguere (Double-Bass) and Stratos Achlatis (Vocals). We started 3 years ago, playing in local bars and milongas in NYC, but also in tango festivals and world music events in the east coast. 

Since the forming of Los Peores, we have been an independent band and have worked hard at getting our music out there. In order to continue independently, we need your help financially to fund the bands first ever Full Length album Empeorando which we plan to release in the end of 2019. When you give to this campaign, these funds are going toward the recording, mixing, mastering, and marketing of this album! 

To support follow this link!


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