Musings of a first time traveling tango vendor

After weeks of anticipation I am finally able to see all of my work on display! It is such a rewarding feeling to see everything beautifully set out and ready to go for the Loca Tango Marathon 2019. I made all of this! Now it is time for my babies to go out into the world and make other people happy. Here are my lessons from preparing and setting up…

It takes way longer to sew something than you think it will.

Tucking in all of the threads may or may not take longer than actually constructing the piece.

Jewelry packs up really small. Woo!

Don’t (almost) forget your phone….

It may be time to get a rolling suitcase for your food.

You will have 6 bags but the professionals have 2 massive suitcases.

Rookie mistake- forgetting a jacket because it was so hot in NYC.

Rookie win- Packing garbage bag warm up pants. Ballet people will know… they look like trash bags and trap heat. Yay!

It is nice to not rush your set up 🙂

See all of the LOCAs soon!

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