Allow Yourself To Be Creative

Why are the arts extracurriculars?

Creativity is at the center of the human experience. We are all inherently creative until we are told we have to do things like “this” because “that way” is wrong. We become stuck in patterns because “that is the way it has always been done” and slowly fall into routine. But it is creativity that drives innovation. Innovation drives progress. Creative pursuits should not be relegated to a past time, but rather part of our everyday processes.

Why do we often stop ourselves from being creative? Because we are scared of judgement. The opinions of others are preventing us from expressing our full creative potentials. We stop before we even begin. We do not allow ourselves the opportunity to do, and thus prevent the opportunity to get better. Everything is unfamiliar until it is familiar.

Take an extra moment to plate your food, even if only you see it. Try walking on a new path to the train station. Take that dance class. Trip over yourself. Look up a video on YouTube and finally start drawing. Don’t show anyone those sketches unless you want to. Pick up that guitar sitting in the corner getting dusty. You owe yourself the joy of being creative.

You have the potential to make beautiful things, create something today even if you think it sucks.

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