The Universal Language That Has Given Me A New Family

Honestly I’m sitting in a milonga typing this because I forgot to write. Fanning myself with one arm, typing with the other hand. Warm and happy, dancing with the people I love.

Tango has given me a family that spans beyond borders, beyond state and country lines, common languages, and common practices. It has brought me love, grief, value, and belonging.

No matter where you are from, the warm embrace of a loved one, or even being tenderly held by another human being is profoundly healing. For the hours that pass as we spin around each other, we are able to acknowledge other wonderful human beings, sharing themselves with us. We do not need to share any words, and sometimes we stumble trying to communicate with spoken language. But on the dance floor we can just be- no words can compare to the “I’ll hold you, no worries” that a tango embrace gives.

This post is for all of the amazing people in this room with me right now, and the wonderful ones that have touched my life by sharing a tanda with me. Even if you do not dance, this is my task for you- share an embrace with a loved one. Not a quick squeeze but really acknowledge the person in front of you. How lucky you are to be here, now. We are all here for just a moment- let those that share that moment with you know you are there with them.

Xoxo Dagny

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