Latest Tango Marathon Essentials

A weekend of dancing may seem like fun and games, but I choose to go into battle prepared.

In my foot care kit:

Toe spacers! The latest addition. After I take off my heels, I give my toes a break and keep them separated and cushioned. Bandaids and blister tape (cushiony) save me from blisters. Powder keeps me pivoting, and my foot roller helps roll out tense feet. Arnica gel is there to soothe my battered feet. Fashion tape is strong double sided tape, great for any wardrobe mishaps.


I’ve made the mistake of not packing a thick sweater and getting onto a freezing bus. Immediately rushed to a Rite Aid in need to tissues and some help. Extra vitamins and probiotics help keep the immune system up and running.

Ice packs

To bring down the inevitable swelling in my ankles, I’m sure to pack ice packs that I can use in case I can’t find a bucket to do an ice bath.

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