“Put It In Your Ideas Journal”

The best lesson my father taught me that took me years to do.

Okay…. so it’s not a journal, it’s the notes app on my phone. But that’s the modern journal right? From a very young age my father encouraged me to keep an “ideas journal.” As a successful entrepreneur, he views the world in a unique way. If there were a way to improve the consumer experience, I would hear the idea. From stone paths that should have been laid on a more practical path, to many fun product ideas, we are always bouncing back new creative products.

Creativity is like a muscle. Although some people may seem more creatively “gifted,” I can assure you it takes practice. Hundreds of ideas never see the light of day when you allow your creativity to pour through you without limitations. Allowing yourself to create without self-judgment is key. So what- not every idea you come up will manifest into a practical product. However, in this creative process you may discover a gem. Or perhaps a part of one idea becomes what you were looking for.

Allowing yourself to be bad will allow you to get good. No one pops out a brilliant sketch the first time they pick up a pen. Except perhaps Leonardo da Vinci. And he had hundreds of ideas that never saw
the light of day! Write for just 5 minutes. Draw one sketch a day. Write down every single silly idea. You never know when you’ll need to revisit it, or if it may be the foundation for a new great invention.

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