Sometimes Roadside Stretching Is Just Fine.

Learning to do what I can, where I can.

I paused my hot yoga membership about four weeks ago and honestly I haven’t had a really good stretch since then. Sure, I’ve done the 10 minute “I just got home from tango and I really should stretch” routine. But one hour of stretching while sweating to death on my pursuit of bendiness? Definitely not.

This is why taking any kind of group class is worth it to me. It just puts you in the right mindset…

When I am home stretching I’m usually doing some other work at the same time. As much as I loooove my new foam mat (not sponsored) I have found that I’m enjoying walking over it more than using it to actually stretch. I even tried keeping it unfolded quite a bit- trying to trick myself into stretching by making it easier to just plop down. Nope. Didn’t work.

If we don’t prioritize something it won’t happen. But some things are worth doing badly. So even if you can just get in some roadside stretching, your body will thank you.

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