Get Unready With Me After A Tango Performance


PART 1 VIDEO- Get Ready With Me For A Tango Performance

This video was filmed in October! I have been to scared to post this because there are so many things I want to do better. I cringe while seeing myself crouched over trying to film. However, I am comparing myself to YouTube creators that have put in hundreds of hours into their craft. The level of cinematography of some YouTube videos is so impressive! I am feeling a bit of imposter syndrome. Why would anyone want to listen to me?

Ehh. The best creative advice I heard is that no one gives a shit. It’s liberating to realize that no one cares. I mean, of course friends and family care about your overall well being. But that thing you’ve been stressing out about? It’ll just be a blip on someone’s radar while you’re stressing over all of the micro details. I am striving to create, produce, learn, and move on. The more I worry about my product being absolutely perfect, the more I will be crippled by fear and not get anything done.

I took a much needed break from posts while I build out a new product for my tango line Cumparsita. And now I want to stop being scared.

I want to learn to film better (set ups, angles, lighting etc.), be more comfortable in front of a camera, and edit better. Mostly learn to get over feeling like no one wants to listen.

But, good work takes *work.* So while no one is listening, hone your craft. And once you’re producing work you love, they’ll wonder how you did it.

P.S. You’re a creator so you’ll never be satisfied, but that’s what drives you to keep pushing your boundaries further than you thought possible. Just don’t forget to be gentle with yourself during this process.



Products mentioned:

Shu uemura cleansing oil (I don’t see the one I use on the site, but they are similar)

Evan Healy rose cleansing milk
Rose Cleansing Milk – Handmade Cleansers – evanhealy

Boscia Jelly Cleanser

Bioderma makeup remover
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Track: Wanderlust — CRASTEL [Audio Library Release]

Music provided by Audio Library Plus


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