Get Ready With Me For A Tango Performance

This video was filmed in October! Come along with me as I do my make up, pack, travel to, and do a tango performance.

Watch the YouTube video here!

Things mentioned:


Brows- Anastasia brow gel clear

Eyelash primer- L’Oréal voluminous primer base

Mascara- Cover girl Crush clumpier

Eyeshadow stick- Diorshow khol 559

Eyeshadow- Dior 5 Couleurs 539

Liquid eyeliner- Lancôme art liner


Business cards


Extra make up

2 pairs of heels

Baby powder




Lip balm


Hand sanitizer

Samanco ice cream fish from H mart!

Things I learned:

Describing make up is hard.

Pack more business cards than you think you’ll need.

Always pack baby powder. You may be dancing on a greasy restaurant ballroom floor.

Your parents (and grandma) being proud of what you do is one of the best feelings ever.

Rewatching the clip of me right after my performance was a little difficult. I should have been really happy. I had a good time, my family was there, it was a good evening. Instead I was picking apart every little tiny mistake I felt like I made. I’m not sure if it is the hyper self critical ballerina in me trying to analyze everything. In 2020 I want to work on first telling myself the things I am proud of and then examine what I could have done better.

Ice cream is always a great way to end the day. Oh wait, I already knew that.

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