2020- Fewer, Nicer Things

This is my 2020 mantra for my physical surroundings.

At the end of 2019 I did a pretty deep clean of my physical space. I wouldn’t label myself a hoarder by any means, but I do love beautiful things. And I have a tooon of art supplies… I have collected many things over the years. While they are all pretty well organized I have been feeling like it is just too much. Just because you have space doesn’t mean you need to use it. Just because objects are organized doesn’t mean they are useful or being used. So going into 2020 I will think about these three things- bringing in fewer things and cherishing what I have, if I buy things it will to be to try to elevate basics, and trying to eat out as a treat.

Beautiful things

I am attempting to bring fewer beautiful things into my life. I will try to rebel against the constant bombardment of advertisements making me want the newest shiniest thing. I have so many pieces of jewelry to cherish and I have been trying to find creative ways to display them to honor them and remind me to use them. I have more than enough clothes. Some may be finding a second home this year…

Elevating the everyday

I honestly have everything I need. There are still “wants” of course, but nothing I feel like I need. Instead of collecting more things I will try to elevate basics I already have. I really love the electric kettle from Fellow that I bought during the Black Friday sale. I wanted a kettle that heated to the exact programmed degree, and it looks beautiful on my counter as well.

Treating eating out as a treat

I have slipped up lately preparing my meals like I normally do, during this holiday season. That meant that I had to buy food out more. I want to go back to packing proper meals, and at least bringing snacks. To go back to feeling like eating out is the treat I want it to be.

And those are the things I am thinking about as I go into this new year! I am sure things will be added to the list and the concepts will evolve and change.

Best wishes for 2020,


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