Don’t Rush The Stretch

Rediscovering 2019 goals and keeping them the same.

Not only do we need to physically declutter our environments, but a good digital detox here and there is necessary nowadays. Going through my desktop I rediscovered my 2019 goals list. I am glad to report I mostly succeeded with my very reasonable goals, and did get a good chuckle from a few. But the ones that can remain exactly the same were:


1. Get back into splits safely

2. Be able to fold forward with my nose to my knees.

Good call 2018 Dagny. “Safely” is the key word here. I am still inches away from touching the ground on both the right and the left sides of my forward splits. I can barely sit up with my knees in a 90* angle in front of me for the straddle split. And I am still inches away from my knees in a forward fold. But I know that if I had taken a photo of where I was a year ago and compared it to where I am today there would be a huge difference. I go to hot yoga nearly everyday and try my best to get in a small stretch on my days off. I never push into pain, or try to stretch deeply if I am not properly warmed up. There are days that I bend forward and do go “wow I feel farther today” and other days I look in the mirror and go wow how I am still so far after hundreds of hours of stretching. I remind myself I have to honor my body.

There may be a thing that you have to work twice as hard at to get half as good as others. Whatever it is make sure to honor the pace that is right for your journey, and not let the progress of others make you feel less than.

You have all of the tools, you’re just distracted. See you in 2020!

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