Eco Friendly/ DIY Gift Wrapping You Should Be Doing This Year

I did a thing! And this thing is the reason I am slightly late to post this week. After a series of annoying but productive Apple Genius Bar appointments I sorted my computer woes and was able to finally post my first Youtube video! Here is my slightly late but useful to last minute gifters guide to reusable wrapping.

Watch here!

  1. Reuse A Nice Shopping Bag
    Reusing a nice shopping bag either plain or decorated to cover any logos.
  2. Furoshiki
    A Japanese way to wrap gifts that uses a cloth in place of gift wrapping paper.
  3. Reuse Jewelry Pouches
    Sometimes a store gives a pouch with a jewelry purchase. It may be a perfect size to cover a small gift.
  4. Miscellaneous Pouch From Purchases
    Stores sometimes give a small cloth pouch instead of a paper or plastic bag. These are usually larger than a jewelry pouch and can cover a larger gift.

  5. Reuse An Actual Bag
    Gift-ception. A pretty bag doubles as a gift wrap!


Happy Holidays!


PS- May this be the permission from the universe you need to do something badly. Watching the video is more horrifying to me every time! But not doing anything means you’ll never have the chance to get better! Allow yourself to practice 🙂

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