When In Doubt, Stretch It Out

It’s so easy to dance away several hours, but we don’t stretch nearly as much! Here are some simple stretches to slip into your day to give your body a little love.

Simple back bend

Feet under hips, from a standing posture. With the palms supporting the lower back, finger tips facing downward, bend from the upper back, imagining your heart is lifting up and elbows are coming toward each other.

Calf stretch on stairs

An easy way to stretch the back of the legs is to let your heels hang off of a stair. If it is too much pressure on both legs, try stretching one at a time with this method, keeping some of the body weight in the supporting leg.

Door frame shoulder stretch

Bring your arm out to the side, perpendicular to your body. Bend 90* at the elbow and place the inner arm on the door frame. The more you turn away from your arm the deeper the stretch.

Seated chair twist

Well, frankly sitting up with good posture can be its own stretch, however, for a rotation, try keeping the feet on the ground forming a 90* angle with the bend of the knees. Twist left and then right trying to keep the hips stable, and without the pelvis moving. (Basically your butt should be glued to the chair)

Remember to never stretch into pain! Happy (safe) stretching 🙂

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