I can’t believe I’m finally announcing it to the world! My Etsy shop is opening its digital doors.

With this launch I would like to encourage you to just do the thing. Whatever crazy idea you have, just try. I have been trying many things. Sewing clothes, making jewelry, digital art. Now digital art turned into physical products. I think what allows me to do all of these things is the ability to let go of what is not working. I love doing all of the creative projects that I do, but without testing I won’t find what really resonates with me. So maybe I won’t be a fine jeweler in this lifetime. That’s okay, I still like to do it for fun.

I’m not saying it is easy. We want everything to happen seamlessly, but all good things take time. The biggest killer for me was ordering samples. Money aside, the time it took for a sample to arrive could have been up to 3 weeks. Several rounds of testing until I found the perfect print provider took much longer than I would have liked. But I knew I wanted to launch the site without a hitch, so I made sure I had all of my ducks in a row. Do it once and do it right. If someone else did it so can you!

Only a few days left of 2019! Get your “thing” started before 2020!

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