You rarely go wrong not buying the thing…

So how did your Black Friday shopping go? Hope you’re as happy as Max is hoping he will get some bagel.

I am happy to say that I only bought things that I was seriously considering to buy before Black Friday. I am not happy to do the final calculations *shudder.* I walked through a mall twice this holiday weekend and didn’t feel like I wanted one thing. I knew the few items I consciously wanted in my life, and I could not buy them at that mall. Plus I wanted my cash back through my Rakuten app. I feel at peace with my belongings. I do love being surrounded by beautiful things, and I love what I have collected over my lifetime. As much as I try to thrift, swap, and reuse items, sometimes my things just need an upgrade. I am fortunate to say that I have more than I need, and now I try to replace what I have with higher quality pieces. Especially objects in my life that are frequently used.

I just started using Rakuten, a cash back app and website that partners with many stores that I buy from. I used it to get 9% cash back on my Sephora purchase. I also used it to get my mom’s holiday present and I got $11 back on the expensive perfume purchase. If you’re already going to buy the thing, might as well get cash back! Click the link for a $10 welcome bonus:

What I bought:

Fellow: Electric kettle + thermos + storage container

Modern Picnic: Lunch box + pouch

Stone and Strand: gold/ diamond earring

Sephora: Sunday Riley skincare kit


Electric kettle + thermos + storage container = $214

Bundle sale price: $199

Black Friday sale: 20% off = $159.20

After tax total: $173.24

“Justification”: I knew I was going to convince myself to buy this kettle eventually. Likely it would have been a Hanukkah present to myself. The kettle is really what I wanted. I drink multiple cups a tea a day and want it for the fact that I can set the exact temperature I want the water to heat to. Different teas should be heated to different temperatures. I have also been in the market for a new thermos (my old one got messed up). And so I got suckered into the bundle. I love tea so I’ll definitely use the air tight canister for my tea.

Modern Picnic:

Lunch box + pouch = $149.00 + $49.00 = $198.00

Black Friday sale: 30% off = $138.60

After tax total: $150.82

“Justification”: I have wanted one of the lunch boxes but couldn’t pay $149 when I’ve been pretty successful with my gallon ziplock bags. Not the prettiest nor the most eco friendly though, and I pack my lunch everyday. Sometimes I need to take more than one meal with me between my cooking, tango teaching, and yoga. Modern Picnic is a small, female founded brand. With the discount it was finally within my budget. I am glad that I can finally support this company! I think the product idea is great- fills a consumer need beautifully. I’m waiting for it in the mail, and I can only imagine I’ll be more excited to pack my lunch.

Stone And Strand:

Gold/ diamond earring= $180

Black Friday sale: 20% off =$144

After tax total: $156.70

“Justification”: I have drooled over Stone and Strand jewelry for a long time. Out of my price range but I love keeping up with them for the ideas. My jewelry is very important to me. I only like to have pieces that it’s a full body “yes” from me. A lot of my jewelry I wear I don’t take off until it has worn out. I pretty much never buy costume jewelry, and tend to buy gold pieces.

From the site: “We’re inspired by the power of femininity and its evolution, and are constantly driven by the ambitious ladies that surround us in NYC. We continue to support that notion with our female-led staff and lady-focused ethos.

I will get a new piercing and if all goes well, this would be the permanent resident.


Sunday Riley skincare kit

Value: $165, bundle price $116

The item I really wanted from the bundle: Good Genes= $105

Black Friday sale: = $81

After tax total: $88.14

9% cash back from Rakuten = -$7.29

Final total: $80.85

“Justification”: Good Genes is my personal holy grail product but for obvious reasons it is hard to justify the price. I had my eye on the bundle during the 15% off Sephora sale but it was still too much. When Sephora reduced the bundle price coupled with 9% cash back, I decided that $80 for all of the products (which I have used and also really liked) was a good enough deal. This size will last me at least a year.


Total non sale value before tax: $757

Total sale cost before tax: $522.65

Total “savings”: $234.35

Well. That’s the damage. Coulda done a lot with the money, but I am happy with the investment purchases. Trying to bring fewer, nicer things into my life is the goal! Whatever the purchase is, don’t forget, you never go wrong not buying the thing.

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