Do You Really Need It?

As the holidays approach ask yourself if the thing you “need” is really not just a want.

I really don’t need a $130 kettle that heats to the exact degree of my choosing. Fellow coffee products are just so beautiful though…

One of my many past jobs was working in Anthropologie, a large retail store in Manhattan. My gift wrapping skills increased by 200%, but I only realized once I stopped working there how much being in a shopping environment encouraged me to want to buy things. Constantly seeing new and beautiful things filtering through the store combined with a generous employee discount meant that much of my paycheck was going straight back into the company. Well played, Anthro.

Although I still have all of the pieces today, I rarely buy clothing first hand anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful things, but walking into a Tjmaxx a few days ago made me sick. All of the Christmas decorations were out, and more items than I was sure would be bought.

I now get most of my clothing in thrift stores around the city, and from clothes swaps with my girlfriends. I like to go to AuH2O, Housing Thrift Works or the Salvation Army. Buffalo Exchange is nice too but a higher price point. Haven’t been very successful selling there.

Much of my new clothing I get from clothing swaps with my friends. We also invite friends out of the circle and our connections grow. There is something therapeutic about turning a living room into a dressing room and complimenting other women. Having chocolate and champagne is a lovely addition.

To give my beautiful but lightly used items a second chance at life I am selling on Poshmark. I have already successfully sold and bought from the site! Sign up with my code DAGNYARIZONA to get $10 off your first order. You can download the free app here. These pieces will be up soon, so let me know if there is something you want set aside! Happy thrifting.

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