What I Packed For A Tango Marathon: Montreal Edition

Two weeks ago I found myself in Montreal! I definitely ate more bagels in 3 days than I have all year. It was freezing outside but as always, friends from near and far warmed me up in happy embraces. Here is what I packed for the Abrazo tango marathon.


I packed just enough clothing plus an extra top. The star outfit was my Saturday night Little Red Riding Hood get up. Of course I coordinated with a wolf:


I’ve ceased to bring more than just the basics to a tango marathon. Yes, I brought 4 red lip sticks. Yes, they’re all different. No, I did not use all of them. Yes, I enjoyed knowing I could use any of them. I didn’t know how Little Red Riding Hood would feel about her shade of red the day of, better to have options.


Complete basics for skincare as well. Not much has changed. I’m happy I have the energy to get one layer of moisturizer onto my exhausted face.


Totally forgot the ice pack because I used it the night before I left 😦 I used the ice cold water in my shower instead.

More photos!

Cookies and gelato from Felix & Norton

Ready for Halloween!Highly recommend Dirty Pizza!!Montreal bagels have softened this New Yorker’s snobby bagel heart.

A bientôt!

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