1 Simple Trick To Accomplish Your Goals

1. Get out of your own way.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

No, seriously. Make it ridiculously easy for yourself. Make the task so easy you trick yourself into doing it. Break down the goal into chunks that are so small they are actually doable. Want to write a 365 page book? That’s a page a day. You get the idea…

I have realized that if I want to actually stretch I need to keep my mat open in my living room. I have an additional calf stretcher that I stand on in my bathroom that I use while I brush my teeth. I have to trick myself into making the habit easy enough to accomplish.

I kept forgetting to take my vitamins (liquid dropper form) that are hidden in a cabinet. So I put the bottle next to my toothbrush. Before I sleep I take a few drops under my tongue then brush as normal.

I put a salve container next to my outlet so that every night when I plug in my phone I’ll remember to massage my ankles.

I keep my freezer stocked with ice packs so I don’t run out and have an excuse not to ice my feet.

I want to learn Russian and with no particular goals set I decided to learn one word a day. I roped my boyfriend into sending me a new vocabulary word so I am forced to read Russian and learn something new everyday.

It seems that not only do I make the task more accessible, often I pair it with another task. Something that I was already doing, that was essential to my day. By linking these tasks I am more sure to do them!

Good luck!

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