Packing for a tango marathon: Ann Arbor Edition

This edition of packing for a tango marathon takes me to Ann Arbor! I was there this past February, and I am so happy to have had a chance to return. I decided to go early Friday morning to have some time to explore, and came back shortly after on Sunday evening.

Only 6am flight perk: beautiful sunrise.

….. I definitely didn’t have time to explore. I went home after Robin’s Practica Thursday night to pick up my bag and head straight to the airport for a 6am flight. I then proceeded to sleep from 9am-6pm. After getting my blog post up (about my recently recorded podcast: I got some stretching done and headed to the milonga! Here is what I packed for this trip:

Me less than thrilled that I didn’t sleep and the radio is super duper loud.


I took 4 skirts and tops for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon/ evening, and Sunday afternoon. Didn’t use the extra tops, and just wore my Sunday afternoon outfit on the plane ride back.


I’ve ceased to bring more than just the basics to a tango marathon.


Complete basics for skincare as well. I aaaaalways remove my makeup before sleeping. I was my hair the morning that I am leaving for a marathon (usually Friday) and I don’t wash it until I get home Sunday night so I stopped carrying shampoo and conditioner.


More photos!

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