Rhassoul Clay Mask

Rhassoul (ghassoul) clay is a naturally occurring clay that has been mined in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa for centuries. It is prized for its beauty and health properties, as it it rich in many minerals including silica, iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, lithium, and trace elements. It’s molecular form mimics soap, and is useful for cleansing the face, body and hair. Rhassoul is great for detoxing the skin, and can be used as an exfoliant. Only use externally.


I bought my clay from a market in Chinatown. From the company website: “Naiad’s Ghassoul is simply made by dissolving the gemstone, filtering and drying by sunlight and wind. Its adsorbability removes dirt particle from the skin. Its mineral moistens and smoothen face, hair or body after washing.”

There are two types of the clay. Tablet form, or powder. They state that the tablet type is traditionally used in Morocco. The powder type is smashed powder from the tablet type. The powder looked like it was super fine (which would be a great texture as a paste) but the idea of tablets seemed like more fun.


To use:


1. Dissolve the required number of tablets in an equal amount of water. The amount in the photo made slightly too much for one application so I convinced my father to try a face mask.
2. Swirl into a paste.
3. Apply and let dry.
4. Press warm water onto the face to rehydrate the clay. DO NOT SCRUB. That may irritate the skin. Of course my father ignored me on this one. Gently massage the clay in circular motions until it is all rinsed off.
5. Pat dry follow up with toner and moisturizer. I used rose water and Argan oil. Both are popular for body care in Morocco.

6. I followed up with a sheet mask to seal in all of the moisture after drying to face out with clay.



-Don’t make more clay paste than you plan to use at the time of application. Or share with a friend 🙂
-Don’t press too harshly on the skin when using.
-Do moisturize well after use.
-Keep out of humidity while storing.

Where to buy:

Rhassoul Clay-Cosmetic Grade-8 oz

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