Cozy self care day

My body has been a bit unhappy. Sunday I had some time to relax and pamper it back to good health. Here is my slightly excessive body care reset routine.

The comfort level I strive for:

1. Put on the kettle

I cannot properly think before I have had my cup of matcha. While the water is warming up I begin to get ready. I make a small shot glass with some of the tea as a base, and reishi extract/ an herbal tonic for immunity. Since I’m not feeling 100% I take a zinc supplement too.

2. A lot of time at home means deep conditioning & a scalp massage.

I put on a clay mask only on the irritated part of my face. No need to dry out everything. Then I get to giving myself a scalp massage with coconut oil. This guy is meant to be used with shampoo, but I prefer to use it for oil massage. It is water proof and vibrates which helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp.

3. Matcha time!

I whisk up my tea and get to applying a conditioning pre-shampoo treatment to my dry hair.

4. Slow skin care

Since I’m not running out of the door I can take more than three seconds to slap on my skincare. Here is the current order/ lineup. Even if all else fails around me, I WILL be moisturized.

(All of this does happen even if I only have three seconds but I like the layers to soak in if I have the chance. Skincare is non negotiable for me.)

5. Time for a nice long walk in the park with my puppy

Moisture-multitasking happens with my hair up in a bun. No one can tell I have conditioner on I hope. Anyway, I give my eyes and ears a break and take my dog on a nice long walk. Hearing the birds chirping and general silence is quite pleasant I think.

6. Food food food.

Now that I’ve gotten some light exercise in I’m ready for some food. I thank past-Dagny for making more veggies and barley than I needed at the time. Healthy body = happy body.

7. Dry brush and shower

My conditioner has been sitting on my head way longer than the package instructed which means it’s time for me to rinse it off! Before I hop into the shower I do an all over dry brush and follow up with an in-shower conditioning treatment. I shampoo the conditioner out.

8. Comfy clothes and phase 2 of conditioning

After shampooing I wait until my hair isn’t incredibly soaked to apply a conditioning mask. This time it is a protein packed reparative mask. To bring it to the next level I put on a plastic cap then warm up my gel cap in the microwave. After about a minute the heat has warmed up the gel cap and I put it over the plastic. The heat helps the conditioner sink in better.

I forgot to take a pic of it on but here it is:

9. It says leave it on for 10 minutes. “10.”

Time is a luxury I do have today. Of course there is a point where your hair can’t soak up anything anymore. But I figured leaving it on for 30 minutes just in case couldn’t hurt. After I rinse it out I apply my leave in treatment to damp hair.

10. Don’t forget the feet

I massage my foot scar and ankles with my balm of choice. This is hands down the most luxurious thing I have ever gotten myself. I had my eyes on them for a long time and finally bit the bullet during the Black Friday sales. They are all lovely!

Zents concreta in Anjou, Petal, and Unzented:

Aaaaand it’s 5pm somehow. I did clean in between all of the conditioning. I’ve been trying to eliminate all of the clutter around me, and while it is a slow process (I am pretty much down to sentimental items) it helps keep my mind clear. It was a relaxing Sunday in my book!

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