Lead Like A Woman- A gentle reminder

“Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it”

R.h. Sin

I am very lucky to dance with amazing female leaders. Here are some of my observations from dancing with these lovely ladies:

Women are dramatically more concerned that they may be putting you into an uncomfortable position.

They apologize a lot more for putting you into that position.

Their embrace generally never hurts. I’ve never had a woman twist my wrist. Or raise her left arm high over me trying to gain control in the embrace.

They lead the same steps as the men, with less force.

They can be just as clear, or clearer than the men.

Female leaders tend to like to lead milonga way more than men overall.

They smile a lot more than the men….

I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that they have followed before they tried to lead. They know how it feels for the body to be put into a compromising position. This post is not to say who is “better” or to make any one feel bad, but to simply remind everyone, if there is a way to do the move with less force, it is the way to go.

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